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Composite Panels – Beyond The Aesthetics

9 years ago

Composite Panels – Beyond The Aesthetics

Composite panels extend far beyond the aesthetics, overlapping with practicality. 

The in-house designed Aluminium Composite Panels comes in a wide range of colours and finishes. compromising nothing of its aesthetic quality, when it comes to practicality. The panel is found on both residential and non-residential and is primarily used as; roofing elements, load bearing walls, both exterior & interior, & partitioning.

The composition of a composite panel is both stable and rigid and has notable load bearing capabilities. At Cladding Creations we specialise in Aluminium composite panels and have delivered many noteworthy projects across the Gold Coast with this product both past and present; including but not limited to: Southern Cross University, Robina Hospital, Southport Jaguar Land Rover and the 6 star hotel ‘The Star’.

The popularity of the composite panels can be largely attributed to the fact that it is a great material to work with by virtue of the panel thickness and lightweight quality. The composite panel’s insulation properties shows that this panel is more cost effective than traditional means of insulation. This product’s long life expectancy, maximises natural resources used; the less resources needed the less transportation reducing the negative impact on the environment with less pollution emitted (from the production and transport of material.) Evidently this material has benefits that go well beyond construction stage, telling of it’s sustainable quality both economically and environmentally.

If you are interested in sustainable lasting products this product is definitely for you; its aesthetic practical features make it a very competitive and compelling product to use. Have any questions? Require further information? Would like to know how to make this product your own? Feel free to send through an email.