The Torch Is Lit Once More

5 years ago

The Torch Is Lit Once More

We Need To Change What Is Burning

The blaze that residents, of this 86-storey building and locals have known all to well, from the 2015 fire, were back again in the early hours of Friday 5th August.The blaze was generously fuelled by the Polyethylene (PE) cladding, which is a very cheap and highly flammable material found at the core of the panel, between two outer sheets of Aluminium.

It is evident that the first fire that the Torch tower (located in Dubai), one of the tallest residential buildings in the world endured, was not enough of a wake up call not only for: the important decision makers of this building to have the PE core panels replaced with a corrugated core panel. (a much safer type of cladding that is 100% non-combustible.) but also for the rest of the world, to take action, and do something about the it.

Time and time again, buildings worldwide go up in flames, aided by the PE Core Aluminium Composite Cladding, making cladding a hot topic in the media, but how long must the world wait? How many more building must be burned in order for something is being done to prevent more fires? We need to change what is burning. Instead of allowing the buildings and the victims to physically burn and let the loved ones of the victims emotionally burn, with a great sense of loss.

We need to ignite the desires of change, ignite a desire to improve the situation. Here at Cladding Creations, we do not want to stand by and watch needless deaths occur, nor watch as more and more buildings go up in flames; we want change. We demand change as a nation, as a company, as individuals. Instead of reacting to the fires, we need to be proactive. If you know of a building that has the Hazardous PE Core Cladding on any buildings, please do not hesitate to send us an email or give us a call.

Your Concerns Are Our Concerns

As a Cladding Company, we understand the importance of putting the right cladding in the right places, in other words ensuring the cladding is ‘fit for purpose’ depending on the building type. Not only is it important to have the right cladding erected, it is imperative that the right fixing method is used, this can also determine fire safety of the building.

The fires have caused enough destruction, and enough lose of life. Enough is enough.

Once again Cladding Creations would like to extend our condolences to the victims and loved ones of the Torch Tower victims.

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