Total Ban of PE Cladding Propose Opposed

5 years ago

Total Ban of PE Cladding Propose Opposed

“A Matter of When”

More news has surfaced recently about what the Australian Government plans on doing about preventing the illegal usage of PE Cladding in Australia. Some insist that a stricter enforcement of the building codes will suffice in order to prevent the unlawful and unethical use of the black core composite panels; whilst others have proposed a complete ban on the importation of Polyethylene Cladding into Australia. This does not prevent however the PE Cladding produced within Australia’s borders.

Bill Shorten says “its a matter of when- not if” on the topic of another ‘Grenfell’ episode on Australian soil, he is one of those who believes in the complete ban altogether, however this has been rejected by the Federal Government, as not all usage of PE cladding is illegal. As highlighted by opposing Craig Laundry the Assistant Industry Minister, 100% Polyethylene cladding is already illegal on Australian high-rise buildings. Mr. Laundry also says the illegal cladding on Australian building will need to be replaced.

Just a reminder to all living in high-rise apartments if you have any concerns as to whether or not your apartment has flammable cladding on it feel free to send us an email or give us a call. It is important that this issue is addressed. At Cladding Creations our friendly and professional team promote and ensure the safe use of Aluminium Composite Cladding is used. We understand the importance of creating a safe and sustainable use of cladding for Australia.