Another PE Cladded Building, Another Fire

5 years ago

Another PE Cladded Building, Another Fire

Warning: This article contains Polyethylene 

In this clip there is yet another building the PE Core Cladding fires had claimed, with the usual fiery initiation.

What is PE Core Aluminium Composite Cladding?

There are 4 types of aluminium composite cladding panels when it comes to the core of the panel.; Three of which contain different volumes of Polyethylene. The more Polyethylene the panel contains the higher percentage the panels are in combustibility. For a purely Polyethylene core (AKA: PE Core), it is 100% combustible, for a Fire Retardant Core, 30% and 10% combustible with a higher portion of a Fire Retardant mineral fill. These last two Cores are both classed under the FR Core, the only difference is the level of PE in the core. Therefore the PE Core cladding is the most combustible type. Used mostly to cut cost, the PE Core Cladding consequently has claimed many lives.

What is Polyethylene?

Polyethylene (or PE for short), is the most commonly used plastic in our world today. Due to its chemical properties Polyethylene chemically reacts much like Kerosene. The more PE the more fuel for the fire; it is for this reason PE cladding is highly combustible and very dangerous when it is installed where it should not be.