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5 years ago
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Facade rectification & recladding is one of the many services Cladding Creations offer. With a high level of knowledge in the facade Cladding industry our expert team can offer a full re-cladding service beginning with the initial assessment and testing of the buildings cladding down to the removal and installation process for any non compliant products.

We as a company pride ourselves on the successful completion of many re-cladding projects across Australia using solid aluminium panels and industry compliant cladding from suppliers who have undergone Australian Standard testing to the current codes of AS1530.1 & AS1530.3. We will provide true facts regarding different cladding products.

In the past there have been a number of catastrophic fires around the world caused by combustible cladding materials being installed on buildings such as the Grenfell Tower in West London where approximately 72 people were killed.

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