Sustainable Cladding

5 years ago

Sustainable Cladding

Refreshing Resources 

Aluminium Composite Panels elevate the look of a building to a whole new level. Adding a refreshing pop of colour is our speciality; Cladding Creations also specialises in refreshing resources.

Every Sheet Counts

The environmental aspect is one of the three fundamental pillars of sustainability, it is not something that team at Cladding Creations takes lightly.

To address the elephant in the room- yes Aluminium is a natural resource that is non-renewable, however there are no shortages currently; Just because Aluminium is in no short supply does not mean people can take this natural resource for granted.

In order to keep this precious resource sustained for as long as possible, Cladding Creations understands the vital role recycling plays in the grand scheme of sustainability. Recycling off-cuts is one of the many ways Cladding Creations, is able to contribute to refreshing the resource of Aluminium. Every off cut is recycled, in this way every square metre of Aluminium is accounted for.

The wonderful well thought out world of planning, or as the computer program likes to call it- Nesting, is a system implemented by Cladding Creations to use as much of the Aluminium Sheet the first time around. In this way we are reducing our direct and indirect carbon footprint right down to the amount of trips taken to deliver the scrap Aluminium to the recycling facility, as maximising the usage of each sheet of Aluminium, decreases the Amount of scrap aluminium to recycle; in this way we are reducing the double handling of Aluminium.

I don’t want to double handle the topic of double handling, so lets look at it as simply- recycling the topic; Installing a high end quality product, that lasts a life time minimising the chances of replacing panels a great deal, this is highly effective and this is one of our key company values.

Minimising off-cuts, recycling them, and installing a high end quality product, are all simple ways that Cladding Creations achieves sustainability and it’s what makes us able to keep refreshing resources.